To rock bottom? Or a floral bed?

Dear reader,
As soon as I saw the word prompt, “joke”, I could think of the sentence a lot of people say – “Falling in love is a joke”. I just felt like exploring it further and I decided to do it with my pen on a piece of paper. And a lot of random thoughts and questions got poured on to the paper! If you think, you can endure what all happened in my head, here you go…


We all fall, but to what? To a rock bottom or a floral bed? And who is the culprit here? Destiny?

Getting married is either beginning or the end of the process of falling in love. Unfortunately for some, falling in love doesn’t end in marriage and for some, falling out of love starts with marriage. When some say that its all a joke, it feels sad that they are unable to relish the most sought after nectar of the most sought after emotion. And sometimes, it feels scary too!

I am not an expert in this area but I know that one cannot say that they have chosen to fall in love with someone or to marry someone for the wrong reasons. Looking down the road of such union, I can see many reasons for such couples staying together ( I also know many such couples). To start with, the reasons are – meeting preferences, then the promises made, then the hormones sex releases, then the kids and their feelings, then the societal pressures, then the fear of parting and ending up alone, etc etc. There is never “love” in this list! And if two people in such a union fail to fall in love with each other truly, isn’t it just a mere contract to live together?!

I am definitely not saying that such people should part. And let me say here that I have great respect for all those who choose to stick around for all those reasons. May be that’s the right thing for them to do, given their personal lives and choices. And may be that’s the right thing to do for the smooth running of their families and the societies. And there are a lot of people out there who do this (irrespective of what they claim). I wish them some peace and happiness. I think they are doing the biggest sacrifices and I respect them for that.

Well, my honest opinion is, it somehow feels to me that there has to be a reason that can’t be explained so easily. Reason other than preferences, promises, hormones, kids, pressures, etc. The inexplicable reason that makes everything else seem small. The reason that we call “love”. And I thought that this should be the only reason for two hearts to come together. Two people to come together. So, when I hear about the stories where love didn’t happen, and where love isn’t the reason. It kind of scares me at a certain level, frankly!

About finding love, I know one thing for sure – this isn’t easy! It takes a lot of hurt, heart breaks etc. For some, it happens easily, luckily. And for some, it happens in an arranged marriage, surprisingly. But then, if it’s destiny that brings us together with our love, be it whatever way, doesn’t it bring us the right person at last? If so, ‘What you choose becomes your destiny’ isn’t very true! It is your destiny that makes you choose your choices! Now does that mean we can just wait and let our destiny do its job without going through all the hardships and perils of the whole process of finding love? And the biggest question is, for those souls to whom falling in love seems like a joke, is it that the destiny wanted it that way for them?!


-K. C.

in response to daily prompt, “joke”

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