Mourning mother, she remained…

Dreamt of being a mother, Since a child- Cradling dolls, Feeding siblings; Had like every female, Innate maternal instincts..   Dreamt of being a mother, Since youth- Holding nieces, Lullabying nephews, Hearing stories of motherhood, With growing desires of tasting it too..   Dreamt of being a mother, Since wedding- Discussing names, With darling spouse,…

Nanotale # 29

“He will fight for you” “I dont want him to fight for me. I want him not to fight with me.” *** – K. C.

Nanotale #28

“what is the sentence you dread the most?” “This isn’t fair” “why? people say that to you that often?” “No, my head does…” *** – K. C.

Nanotale #27

“I am fine!” He assured her. “I know you are hurt” she said. “How?!” He asked her. “I have tears in my eyes, that’s how…” She replied. *** -K. C.

Nanotale #26

Better yet be killed than be caged it thought, as someone bought the bird for lunch. The kid of the household asked to keep it as pet. ‘Someday’, it hoped as it looked out of it’s new cage. -K. C. ***

Nanotale #25

“Love doesn’t expect anything in return” said elders, when she asked her prospective groom that she wishes to have a career. “Doesn’t that definition go both ways?!” She asked, and it was over. *** -K. C.

Nanotale #24

“You lived well,” they praised on knowing her past. she was always abiding to rules and responsibilities! She laughed inside. “I just survived, never lived” mocked her head. *** -K. C. To all those out there, who are struggling their best to survive just with the hope of living one day!

Nanotale #23

“I wanna go on a world tour”, she said at their dinner with her eyes wide and excited. He tucked the ring back into his pocket, he wasn’t ready to afford the luxuries she dreamt of.. she caught the glimpse of him hiding the ring and said “our love is my world and I wanna…

Nanotale #22

Taking cooking instructions from him gave her immense satisfaction that hundreds of compliments never gave… love for cooking was what she knew. cooking for love is all new! *** -K. C. In response to an image prompt received from a reader! thank you!

Nanotale #21

He tried to elicit some understanding from his son after decades of his struggle in providing everything for him All he got was “you know nothing and your life is full of mistakes.” Had he knew not loving him unconditionally… *** -K. C. in response to daily prompt, “elicit”