Do yourself some justice, this minute…

Dear precious readers,

For the most part of it, if you are honest with yourself about what you want, you might actually get it…

This is not easy, being honest with ourselves is the toughest thing to do. Either you are scared of being disappointed later or you are in a denial about what you want for innumerable reasons like, you are prioritizing others feelings or you are being selfless or you know it’s a distant dream etc etc etc.

Many times we convince ourselves that it’s okay and we are fine with what we have. But unless you are breaking some social norms or hurting/harming somebody, you can always do anything to get what you want. You don’t have to convince yourself that you are fine, because being fine is not just enough for you to give yourself. Being happy is what you got to look for. And there is a huge difference between the both! It might seem like a thin line. But this line is like the line we see in a geographical map to denote a river! It is not just a line in reality, it is a huge water-body you got to swim to reach the other side of the line!

‘I am fine’ – is having what you need. What you need is almost always with you. Call it God or the universe or any mystic power that you believe in, it is out there to almost always take care of what you need. But about what you want, you are the best person to give yourself. What you want is something you should earn to make you happy. And if making yourself happy isn’t motivation enough for you to pull up your sleeves right now, I don’t know what is!

To start with, talk to yourself. Sit alone. Remember, you are your best friend. No one can understand you better than yourself without judging you. You live in your shoes every single day! You are the only one who knows what you want! Now, If you are done with the talking and the thinking, let us go ahead. I need you to take a piece of paper and a pen and work with me right now to make yourself happy this minute or make plans for making you happy in near future. The ground rule is simple, remember to be honest.
Now, Take the paper and write this:
“I am craving for… ”

Yes, craving is the right word. It makes you realize the intensity with which you want something. You might just smile this off, saying you are good and you don’t have to do this. If so, I am very happy for you but before you declare that, just please do yourself a favor and look into the mirror. Acknowledge all the pains you went through, sacrifices you made, wants you buried and compromises you endured. Say yourself that you love yourself and that you are going to complete the sentence as a token of your love for yourself. Now with all that love and compassion towards yourself, try to complete the sentence.

Once you are done with it, there you will have the reality staring at you. The reality you have been unaware of or you are in denial with. Now, you just know what you want. You have a goal! Get a life in that direction. It’s worth a try. Anything!Be it any craving.. small or big. Respect it. After all, its something you badly want deep inside.

You might have got answers vague, like say, peace, love etc.. but that’s okay. It just means you have to provide yourself with that. Now you have lot of stones to turn to make it a reality. Lot of questions to ask yourself to know how to get what you want. Like, are you happy with where you are? with people around you? with your career? with your marriage? what makes you happy? and so on. Answering these questions will make you realize the reasons and thereby solutions to what you are vaguely craving.

And if you are happy already, you might get an answer like a chocolate or an ice cream ( you must be the group of people who followed my advice and went ahead and completed the sentence though you are happy. Now, I am genuinely happy for you.) That’s great! Just go and get one.. right now! don’t be afraid of the calories. I know these might be your guilty pleasures. But it’s totally worth it. Have the pleasure of satisfying your craving this minute, you can deal with the guilt in a gym afterwards. Thanks for playing along.

Now some of you might get a clearer answer…small or big, be it a costly dinner in five-star hotel or a tour or the hand of the person you are in secretly love with or a career you always wanted to have. Make it happen. You deserve it. Being selfish is okay! (of course conditions apply) And please do not betray yourself. Go and try. Even if you fail, you will have a satisfaction that you have yourself who tried for what you wanted. And remember, failures are always better than regrets.

sending love and best wishes your way…

In response to daily prompt, “craving”

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  1. krishna says:

    I never thought to use selfishness or craving as you did. wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kacy says:

      thankyou krishna! 🙂


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