Nanotale #24

“You lived well,” they praised on knowing her past. she was always abiding to rules and responsibilities!

She laughed inside. “I just survived, never lived” mocked her head.


-K. C.

To all those out there, who are struggling their best to survive just with the hope of living one day!

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  1. R 'I' P says:

    I could connect to those words!

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    1. kacy says:

      join the club rohit 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. R 'I' P says:

        Well, I’m already a part of this WordPress club, Kacy! I love to express poetically. Maybe I can think of doing short stories, like you, someday! 🙂

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      2. kacy says:

        sure…! eager to read your works soon.. by ‘join the club’, i meant to say that i feel the same way you feel 🙂 cheers

        Liked by 1 person

      3. R 'I' P says:

        I took it literally..hehe….Cheers!

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      4. R 'I' P says:

        Merry Christmas Kacy 🌲

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      5. kacy says:

        merry christmas to you too, Rohit 🙂

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      6. kacy says:

        and i like your poetry rohit 🙂 i have been busy these days and not blogging much lately.. been missing works of good writers like you..

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      7. R 'I' P says:

        Happy to hear that you like my work. I also love reading your Nanotales section. God Bless…

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    1. kacy says:

      thanku Mr. Romanus! 🙂

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