It happened today…

I was walking on the road, early today morning and a six to seven year old boy joined the road from a gate nearby. He was walking very fast and went ahead of me. He stopped after a while and looked back and smiled, asking “Are you going to college?” I smiled back nodding. He then said “I am going to school” (sounding as if it is no less to a college). He was wearing a school uniform and a school bag. I asked him what he was studying for which he said he is in second class. And then he added, “I ll fly to foreign lands when I grow up” and I said “wow” with pleasant smile and widened eyes and he added, “I ll get  a mustache then!” I laughed at this assurance. He asked me if i had a pencil and I found one in my bag and gave him saying, “what do I get in return?”. He said “My younger sister’s b’day is coming soon. Come to our home that day, there will be a party, we will eat cake”. I said I’d love to go to the party and he beamed with happiness. I had to take another lane and I said bye. He inquired asking “oh! Is this where you go?” with a small face that didn’t want to say bye so soon. I smiled and waved him bye. He walked away holding the pencil tight.


Some people have a born talent may be! (wink) and let me admit, he made my day. 🙂

-K. C.

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  1. kristinakoti says:

    Oh so sweet. You made me smile

    Liked by 1 person

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