The wall paper

# MiracleChallenge – week number : 10

challenge number 4

a story in response to the theme – ‘old letter’


Sam was on a business trip. He reached his destination a day in advance as he planned to see around the city. He took a hot shower and sat down at the beach view window surfing through tourism vouchers. As he sipped his morning coffee, he noticed the  beautiful wall paper on the wall. It was pasted on just that wall of the room in contrast to all other walls which brought depth to it. Suddenly he noticed that behind the wall paper was a piece of paper that caught his eyes. He can say that somebody tucked it in there intentionally. He pulled it out and opened it. There was a letter in it, that read-

dear lord,
am the sinner
not worth of your mercy
great heart is yours
ever lasting love i have for you
remember the deal of one
saviour, u r
always have been
very blessed i am
every moment there is
makes me grateful in-
every single way there is
– servant

It looked like an old letter. ‘But why would anybody write a prayer and tuck it inside the wall paper secretly? Why would anybody?! May be someone just put a random paper they found inside the wall paper. May be some kid did it playfully’, he said to himself, leaving it behind on the table. He went back to his chair. Something nagged his head. something. “remember the deal of one”
He went back to the paper. Read it over and over again.

“remember the deal of one!”

He read the first letter of every line… and it read – d.a.n.g.e.r.s.a.v.e.m.e
‘danger, save me!’

Someone was crying out loud! ‘Servant?’  S! He knew it started with the letter s, the name of the victim! He knew it was an old letter but just not how old.

He asked himself.. ‘What if its not as old as it looks? What if its a recent writing on an old paper?’ The paper looked like a torn out page of a book. may be a novel… empty page with a tiny number in the bottom- 328

He ran down to the reception and asked for the list of people who stayed previously in his room.  He was told it was against the rules. He walked back to his room. On the way, he stopped by and asked the house keeping lady if there was any one who seemed weird who stayed in the room before him recently. The house keeping lady nodded a no and he walked away. After a little while, there was a knock on the door. the house keeping lady came in with a bunch of towels and said “Do you want me to clean the wall paper sir?”

He then knew. He looked at her asking what she knew. She said, “There was a woman who stayed here. She was in a hurry, packing her things. When I came in, she said ‘Do not vacuum near the wall paper, until someone asks about the person who stayed here before’.She said that would save her life. She mentioned to ask the person about cleaning near the wall paper and to reveal this only if the person seems to read a message from that question”
He immediately asked her “How did she look?” And the lady replied “very pretty, dark eyes, with dark wavy hair, heart shaped face.” And he asked, “how long ago?” and the woman replied “four days”. Hoping that it wasn’t very late, he asked if she left a message.. and the woman handed out a letter which read –
“earth ends where it starts. sea is the real fighter. sun rises in the east. moon is in the city. look at the stars.”
moon in the city?

he opened the map of the city and found a moon street to the east!
ends where it starts… letter zero! but how does that make any sense! letter 8!
east side
moon street

“sea? sea?… 8c!” he murmered.

He reached the address. It was a lovely, rich house. The door was unanswered. He waited for a while and a woman came to him asking why he was there. He asked for the owner of the house. He introduced himself as a friend of the owner and the woman introduced herself as the maid of the house and that she lives in the outhouse and was appointed by her master to take care of the guests when she is away. She opened the door of the house and let him in. She asked him to wait while she would come back soon.

He saw the mail on the table in the living room.  There were unopened mails since 5 days. Her name read Monica. Monica might have left her home and reached the hotel  and planned her escape in the hotel. He quickly grabbed her picture from the frame on the table. It was exactly like the lady described. Suddenly, it occurred to him that he should flee. He got out through the window and observed the house through the window. The woman returned back with a heavy man with scarred face and peg teeth. He doubted the maid, as a maid cannot afford such costly shoes. He thought she might be using the owner’s stuff while she was away. But he realized that he might be in a danger when he noticed that the slippers near the couch seemed small. The maid’s feet were exceptionally large. More importantly, what kind of a maid lets someone in without asking detailed questionnaire? Those must be the slippers of the woman in danger! The owner of the house! The name of the woman doesn’t start with S! Servant is a clue! Monica is in danger and she knows her maid is a culprit too.
He could not leave there without another clue. He stayed there and listened intently to the conversation.
The man asked “Who is he?”
The lady replied “He is a stranger. He was never here before. He is not a police, that much I can tell. But he looked like he is suspicious. He had an accent different from the local accent. He thought I was innocent and inquired me about the owner of the house.”
The man said “We are in danger then. Its time we killed her and made it look like an accident just like we did with the police official, but the evidence we need is still not in our hands. She hid it somewhere. We cannot kill her till we find it. We are so over. Boss is going to kill us”

‘Evidence?’, Sam thought intently.

The heavy man said “You bitch. You scared him away! You cannot do one job right! Monica doubted you and left to hotel to make her plans of escape as she thought house isn’t safe with you around. You didn’t realize that  she overheard one of our phone conversations until after she left. Thank god,  you did some good by finding out her hiding place. Somethings wrong now. How could she communicate with the person?  It must have started in the hotel! You said his accent was different. He must be a tourist who stays in the hotel! She didn’t call any friend or anybody to give her information nor did she get any calls about a friendly visit. We always kept the track of her phone. That bitch might have left something in the hotel!”

Sam knew he should avoid the hotel. The maid and the heavy man decided to go to the hotel in search of him.

‘Why did monica leave her address? there is something inside the house that she wants to save!’ he thought. he needs to go back there. he waited for them to leave.

He  entered the house through the window. He knew something. May be he should look behind a loose wall paper! and he did so… in the living room.

“look at the stars!”

He went to the wall paper that has a starry pattern and there it was.. the memory chip. carefully wrapped in a piece of paper and tucked inside the loose end of the wall paper. He left a note and jumped back to his hiding place through the window. And waited for the maid and the man to walk back in.

I know the spot, I want a share.” the note read.

On reading it, they thought they should inform their boss and plan to relocate her. Meanwhile, Sam rushed to the car of the heavy man and opened the tailgate trunk lid of the car and there was a handbag. He grabbed it and hid again. He opened the bag. There was an old novel. He searched for the page, 328. The last but one page. It was missing. It was the page used to write the letter. Now he was more sure. He gave a thousand bucks from his wallet to a passing by taxi and asked him to follow the car and gave his number.


After not much long, he got the call and the address. He was with the police by then. He showed the picture he had and explained all that happened.
The police rushed there in time and she was found there battered and about to be transported with some goons around. The police took immediate action and She was admitted to a hospital. Sam reached her and detailed about his adventure. She told him that she was given the chip by a police officer fighting for life after a road accident. And she realized she was being followed after that and she landed up kidnapped for it. She employed a new maid without knowing that she was a part of the conspiracy.  She said the chip needs to reach the officials and had high end information. Sam handed it out to the police officials and mentioned that the  police officials death might not be just a hit and run case but a cold blooded murder. The police said that the information would be of great help to them and asked him to stay in the city in the secured accommodation they provided till the formalities were done.

In the time he spent in the city, Monica  and Sam grew fond of each other. Monica said she wished to leave the city for a while. As they talked, he mentioned his city and she said she had friends there and would plan to visit there soon. He smiled and so did she. They both knew  they liked each other. They both knew they are going to meet again.


-K. C.

in response to miracle challenge, a story on the theme – old letter.

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  1. Miracle :) says:

    My gosh ! What a terrific suspense built over there behind a wall paper. The clue in an old letter was unbelievably awesomeness. It was quite tricky but he decoded it quickly feeling suspicious. The crime was thrilling about a cold blooded murder and then the chip.. Fantastic story.. You did a great job in your firsr timr. Actually, I never felt that this is your first time thriller story. I was actually visualizing everything into a movie kind of.
    Brilliant use of prompt theme. I loved a lot. Congrats for completing challenge no.4 😇🎉💞

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    1. kacy says:

      thankyou so much miracle. that is so very encouraging. your compliments put me on cloud 9! 🙂 (happy dance)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Miracle :) says:

        My pleasure and indeed your story deserved it 🙂
        I’m also happy dancing along with you 😉 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Miracle :) says:

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    Happy Blogging !

    Enjoy and have fun:)



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