Ghost, he must be…

Broken nibs,
Stolen pencils,
Sneaking chocolates,
Screams for ice creams,
These were all-
The troubles she knew.

Until that day,
When he came.
Her dad’s dear friend,
He did things new.
It was unlike,
The warmth she knew.

She cried for reasons,
None understood.
Had those fevers,
No drugs cured.
Mighty night mares,
Hugs couldn’t help.

Ghost ,he must be!’,
She told herself.
All she knew was,
She should hide…
Every time,
A visitor came…


-K. C.

Child abuse is not uncommon. It is just not talked much about. Let us be cautious to prevent it. Let us keep our eyes open not to miss it. We can always choose to be in denial, but that never helps the world. Consider the possibility when a child seems shaken. They need help!

Thank you for reading…

In response to miracle challenge using prompt theme, “visitor”



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  1. Miracle :) says:

    A very sensitive topic chosen. Hats off for that. And you have written very well from a point of view of that little girl. Child abuse must not be ignored. Good and neat use of prompt theme. Congrats for completing challenge no.4 💐😇

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    1. kacy says:

      thank u miracle. yup, it must not be ignored….

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      1. Miracle :) says:

        You are welcome 😀

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  2. We should really raise our kids very carefully due to present situations

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    1. kacy says:

      yup… biggest concern…


  3. Miracle :) says:

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    Kindly, everyone read and inspire each other to write.

    Happy Blogging !

    Enjoy and have fun:)




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  4. kacy says:

    thankyou 🙂 thanks for stopping by,,,


  5. mahiself says:

    Oh My God !!!

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  6. kacy says:

    i know.. the burden these harsh truths bring on our hearts..


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