Asked her, the sky…

# MiracleChallenge week number -6

challenge number – 4

a poem on the theme – after sunset


Brushing soft purple highlights;
On her red wavy dress.
Glossing it with cloudy shines;
And lacing it with their silvery threads.
The sun gave her a goodbye kiss;
Promising her yet another dress.

Lovely colors the twilight drew,
Changing her into gorgeous blue.
Deepening with every added hue,
The night dressed her breezing through.
Stars pinned in as their sparkles grew,
Shawl was given by moon-lit milieu.

This magical evening as I am watching her;
I know you are too, we are not very far.
Longing to meet you and our life together-
That turns gorgeous while evolving like her.
Asked her to convey my love with care;
To make you smile, as long as she is there.



-K. C.

in response to a miracle challnege, a poem with theme- after sunset.

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  1. Miracle :) says:

    Hey Kacy ! I loved and enjoyed your poem using the prompt theme. It was a magical treat to read. Thank you 🙂
    Congrats for completing the challenge no.4 (Claps)

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    1. kacy says:

      thanku miracle… its indeed a beautiful theme.. glad u liked it 🙂

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      1. Miracle :) says:

        Yup ! Very much 😃

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  2. Miracle :) says:

    Reblogged this on miraclegirlblog and commented:
    Hello Everyone !

    Check out the latest post for ‘Weekly Writing Miracle Challenge’ Week – 6 :

    Blogger : Kacy (K.C)

    Poem Title : Asked Her, The Sky

    Challenge No : 4

    Challenge : Write a Story/ Poem using Prompt Theme – AFTER SUNSET

    For those who are new to #MiracleChallenge, every Tuesday morning, I post new Writing prompts for 5 challenges to write Short Story / Tiny Tale/ Poem / Haiku.

    Visit my blog to know the latest writing prompts and the rules to participate in #MiracleChallenge for the week dated from 19th to 25th July, 2016. Yes ! 25th July is the deadline.

    Kindly, everyone read and inspire each other to write.

    Happy Blogging !

    Enjoy and have fun:)



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