Unpredictability brought me luck…


Initial days of college… joined hostel, getting to know people. One evening, after college, near the bathrooms, as I was collecting hot water from the geyser, she came to the sinks near-by, to wash her face. She said, ”Hi” and me being an extrovert, said hi and had a little chat with her. We introduced ourselves to each other and something told me that this is going to be interesting. She seemed to be more than what she looked. She looked like a geek who didn’t care anything about how she looked (she turned out to be gorgeous with time by the way), dull, who did not have much of a friend circle and who isn’t sure about anything. Yet the way she talked… her smile was so friendly, she seemed charming, with a spark in her wide eyes when she talked, she talked with an ease though I was a stranger which told me that she is capable of having a huge circle of friends if she wished to. Something told me that her appearance has got nothing to do with who she is. And that she is not that predictable. This unpredictability made me want to know her more.

We grew into friends after just couple more of such random chats! It was just comfortable and like we have known each other for a long time. Later one day, I asked her, ”What did you think about me, the first time you met me?” And she said ” I knew you before I met you”. I was not much surprised because I have always been a popular girl at school and pre-college coaching institutes and I know popularity spreads fast as the world is small. And I also knew she might not have heard great things about me. And our conversation went like this:
Myself: “So? What did you hear about me?”
She: “You sure, you wanna know?”
Myself: (laughing) “Try me.”
She : (hesitantly) “Arrogant, rebel, selfish, attention seeking… things like those..”
Myself: “And yet you wanted to talk to me?”
She: “I thought it was unfair of people to talk about a person like that.. especially when they hardly knew you. And this intrigued me to know more about you and I chose to talk to you. You turned out to be friendly”.
Myself: “So? What do you think? ”
She: “I am not saying that you are perfect. May be you are arrogant and selfish and all of that but definitely just like any other human being. Not more. Nothing to complain about”
Trust me, I liked this answer. So much! Simply because, she didn’t call me perfect. If she flattered me with something like that, I don’t think I would have chosen to be friendlier with her. And more importantly I knew she is not a fan of backbiting and doesn’t believe what rumors say about a person. What else do we need to know that we can be friends with a person? No pretentious flattering and no back-biting or paranoid tendencies. That moment I knew, I just knew, that this could be something like friends-for-life. And going back into the conversation…
myself: “So, You wanted to talk to me more, to test the rumors?”
she: “What u seemed to me is different from what i heard. There was no sync. You are not that predictable for the world to understand. And that unpredictability motivated me to know you more. And in the process, I started liking you.”
myself: (smiling) ” It’s okay. What the world thinks never gets to my nerves some how. I am lucky that way. It cant touch me”
she visibly was relieved and amazed that I took it easy and got over it within seconds.
myself: “Why do u think world talks about me so?”
she: “I think u make people jealous”
and we both laughed…

From then on… we laughed our many laughs together. It is just so easy in her presence. We did many stupid things together. We used to read all kinds of magazines in the library and used to try hard to contain our laughter at the weird stuff in them. We feared of being necked out by the librarian yet it was just too amazing to quit. We used to give names to people. We used to enjoy our sarcasm. We always used to make jokes and laugh over them when we went out. We used to watch sit-coms, together and we used to recollect all the laughter and laugh all over again.

We shared a lot.. about our lives, emotions, hardships. We were there for each other during our best days and not so good days. We studied together. We watched movies together, and we gave each other kleenex when we knew that the other might be crying during the movie. We were there for each other during success, failures, confusions, heartbreaks, betrayals. And she, who has been my partner in my many laughs, has been the one person who shed tears when I was in bad days. She took care of me when sick. Rushed me to hospital when I was seriously ill, cried and prayed for me like family. She always remembered me in her prayers.

We never said emotional things to each other.. We didn’t call ourselves with any titles like “best friends”. We don’t share common interests except for the TV series ‘FRIENDS’ and may be some books. Since I mentioned friends series, let me say that she is someone like Phoebe and I am someone like Rachel. We both have some qualities of Monica, none common though. We don’t think alike. We don’t dress alike. We belong to different faiths. We don’t want same things in life either. The common thing that brought us together was, each other’s unpredictability that got us intrigued enough to know each other. I remember all her stories, even after she forgets them. She knows all my tastes, sometimes even better than me. If she tells you that I am going to like something, I sure will like It. From songs to flowers to dresses to food. She believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. It was she who encouraged me to blog and that I would like it and that people would like it. (thanks to her, here I am, enjoying blogging and thanks to you all, for accepting me)

We stayed friends after leaving the college in which we met.We parted ways in search of future. We met again and shared apartments for a little while during our endeavors to search our place in the world. We even shared food to cut our costs. Bought one meal daily and halved it. And again we parted for further studies which we are pursuing now. We met when i went to her place for a friendly visit recently. But every time we met and left, we never said good byes. Because we always knew we would meet again. That we would stay in touch. It just never occurred to us to bid farewells.

They say that God sends them to us as friends, whom he forgot to give us as siblings. And our relationship can be understood in the entirety of this statement. Once when in college we saw a picture in the internet saying “Friendship is knowing we will be the two trouble-makers in old age home one day” and we both thought it was very appropriate for us. Well, we are too young right now to think about it, but when it is put that way, cant wait for it to happen. 🙂

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-K. C.

In response to daily prompt, “unpredictable”


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    1. kacy says:

      🙂 thank you… true stories don’t need effort to make them look nice 🙂 have a friendly week ahead.

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      1. Yup…you too 🙂

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