I always hated one thing and loved the other,
Avoided one thing and embraced the other,
Thought both are same and never knew why,
But they are as different as pain and joy.

One gave questions, the other answers;
One felt like fate, the other choice.
One gave anger, the other focus;
One felt like war, the other peace.

One gave grief even among masses,
Other showed, when alone, a world of happiness.
One mocked at the desperate dependency,
Other gifted with liberating autonomy.

One is difficult as we face it alone,
Other is bliss as we face us alone.
We have fear for one, for the other gratitude,
We call the one loneliness and the other solitude.


 -K. C.


Fate can curse you… but only you can change it into gift, if you are happy in your head. when we know we can see things differently, we can choose how we want to see…

In response to the daily prompt, ‘autonomy’

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