The burning room…

Wished a way out!
Wished a way out!
Engulfing flames,
stifling fumes,
blistering me,
choking me,
closing in on me,
with growing thirst.
the door wont open,
none to save…
Couldn’t take more!
Couldn’t take more!
Chose the window,
had to get out.
Down they were,
the judging eyes.
“loser” they whispered,
“its a suicide.”
How much do they know me?
Or the burning room?


-K. C.

This is how suffocating and painful they feel about life, those who resort to suicide. Like being trapped in a burning room(I read this analogy years back, somewhere. Took the theme and wrote the poem after seeing the prompt). They feel the desperate need of making the suffering stop. They perceive that their pain has reached an unendurable level. It is not a desire to fall out of window, it is the fear of fire. We do not understand the jump unless we experience the trap.

Let us not judge anybody. And let us keep our eyes open to grasp the suicidal tendencies being shown by the depressed. They will most often manifest the danger signs, express how depressed they are, how suffocating they feel or how they feel life is no more worth it, etc. When you come across something like that, or when u meet a person who attempts or survived an attempt, or when you doubt that someone might take the extreme step, kindly try and talk to them with extra caution. Make them understand that they would most certainly not want the same on an other day and that the other day will never come if they choose to do this. Keep a track on them. Take them to a consultation if you feel the need.



In response to daily prompt ‘burn’

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