Life boat…

Drifted by the unforgiving tides,
Throwing me high and low;
With the whirlpool of tears,
Did i sink low and low…

As the waters replaced air,
Blues of eyes met those of the sea,
I gave up in despair,
With dying hopes around me.

Screams lost into the streams,
Fears touching the endless sky,
With the heart of missing beats,
I was all set to die…

It’s over, it’s done,
The agony of life and fear of death!
“Its ok”, i said again,
As i took my last breath.

Then came the huge wave,
Pushing me to a floating log.
Calmed down sea then gave,
A merciful chance to hold it long…

Drifted by the tides of thoughts,
Throwing me to my ruthless past;
With the storm of deep doubts,
Did i get lost and lost.

‘Did i live well’, i sadly wondered…
‘You struggled and survived’ my head then boast.
“Its gonna be alright”, i murmured,
The words i needed to hear the most.

It’s over, it’s done,
The agony of life and fear of death!
Will i go to hell or heaven?
Will there be another birth?

I always wished i heard all those –
Consoling phrases when all alone…
It always had been my own voice,
The familiar comfort been my boon!

I smugly smiled, i was my lifeboat,
That i had me and my blessed power,
In the sea of life throughout,
That’s unfairly ending now, forever…

I opened my heavy eyes,
To a light, painfully bright.
Is it of the great heavens?
Or the hell’s torturing trait?

It’s over, it’s done,
Agony of life and fear of death!
But does this mean another pain?
Pain of the life after death?

There again! my thinking head,
Assuring me with the brutal truth!
‘You can handle any’, it said,
‘You are from the callous earth.’

My weak voice whispered “its ok”,
Like a habit of my crisis-thrive…
My head and voice for real, are they?!
Am i still all alive?!

They said a ship was sailing by
And i was saved by its crew!
I thanked god in a silent cry,
For my lifeboat and the rescue…

It’s not over, it’s not done,
My role here on the planet earth!
“Its gonna be alright”, i said again,
As i took my brand new breath…


-K. C.

we are our lifeboats…

in response to daily prompt “waters”


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    1. maybeiamsure says:

      thankyou Mr. Romanus! 🙂

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    2. maybeiamsure says:

      thanku for stopping by sir. your comment gave me an opportunity to know your blog, which i am following now. happy to be a member of your wordpress family. 🙂


      1. I am happy to have you.

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    1. maybeiamsure says:

      thankyou so much @boompawolf


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