India is a happily poor country. And the happiness in spite of poverty comes because of the concept” karmic debt”, it says that everything u r facing today, either good or bad, happens as a result of your past actions (even those in past lives). it says that the three phases of time, the past, the present, the future are CONNECTED. it says that all your deed are CONNECTED. And every poor man or for that matter, every man with any problem simply says (to himself and also to others) this – “I am repaying my karmic debt”!
Life is all about questions. You find answers and new ones find you. Answers give us solace. Sometimes, answers are pretty much what we want! When we are not sure of answers we feel like asking the higher power, that’s when we know that we need support. That’s when most of us become theists. And again when we don’t find answers, that’s when most of us become atheists. Here, you can see God-fearing theists occupying the max population. Because they are convinced with the answer they got. They believe its an answer given by the god. and the answer is karmic debt.. they draw their consolation from the answer. Karma is seen as God’s most loyal servant which is unforgiving and impartial and serves everybody right.
Interestingly, shrinks don’t make much of a fortune here, again because of the concept. The explanation being simple.. it is always between acceptance and misery, when u don’t accept, u become miserable. People aren’t that miserable because of the acceptance. And therefore, there are no psychological problems or emergencies. People somehow always seem sane and healthy!


I’am not here to force the authenticity of the concept on anyone or to discuss its validity. I am just happy that it has been helping people.  The way i look at it, karmic debt concept has done good invisibly too…

– People are consoled.
-People let go of their past easily as they get their answers.. now like the newton’s third law, the more strongly we push our past behind, the more strongly we are moved forward..

-People are constantly motivated to do good, hoping that good comes back,(i agree that there’s is a selfish motive there but who is harmed? )

-The God-fear helps keep a check on sins.

-Finally, I observed that the concept brings a satisfied smile in all the faces that are scarred with mishaps and contentment in eyes that are mercilessly deepened by life.

-Ultimately, people are at peace, after all, they have answers…

-It avoids jealousies, grudges etc and it keeps people CONNECTED as the karmic debt divides everybody’s life yet connects them too…

-K. C.


in response to todays daily prompt, “CONNECTED”

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