Alley :”Mom, lemme watch the movie.. please!”as her mother switched the TV off..

Mother: “But you have seen the movie a lot of times before..”

Alley (negotiating) : “Mom, please! I like watching it, i am done with all my works and there’s still time to go to bed.. please mom..”

The mother then offered, “Fair enough.. okay listen, why don’t you let me tell u the story myself, I promise I’ ll make it new and interesting..” (extending her arms like offering a hug)

Little Alley then ran into her arms. She always loved spending time with her dear mom than anything else..
The mother sat the little girl down on her bed and started talking..

Mother: What do you like about the movie?
Alley: (innocently) It’s presentation, the grandness (with wide eyes),the beauty and talents of the actors.

Mother: What did u not like?
Alley: I didn’t want jack to die mommy, it was so sad.
The mother smiled at witnessing her little girl experiencing the beginning days of the phenomenon of having a crush.

Mother: “And? ”
Alley (thought intensely for a little while and said) : “I didn’t like the idea of the ship sinking, people struggling and their deaths..”
Alley’s face has shrunken into a smaller, rounder ball with a sweet sad expression

The mother took her kid closer to her as she decided to expose the child to much bitter truths of the world
and she went on..

“The Titanic… boarding that was a dream for many, it was known for its beauty and grandiosity and it being called the ‘Unsinkable’.  The story of titanic has been told many a times. The less told story was, there was an another ship when the titanic sank, it was the ‘RMS Carpathia’. Everybody who knows Titanic should also know Carpathia and its captain.. Now, let me tell you my little gal, about the story when the titanic sank..

“It was all dark when the titanic hit the iceberg. The crew of titanic got signals about the danger of the icebergs but they couldn’t avoid it as they couldn’t take a sharp turn at the speed it was coursing.. and u know what all happened to it after that. While the great ship was sinking, the crew saw another ship sailing towards them.. The captain commanded to row the life boats in the direction of the ship but surprisingly, the ship drove away instead of reaching to rescue..”

“Why didn’t the ship help mom?” asked the anxious Alley..

“Lets just say that they had selfish reasons” and went on with the story

“And there was another ship miles away which noticed that something went wrong but it was static and it didn’t get the clear picture in the dark, as claimed by its crew members later. The ship disposed the idea of sailing into the danger in the dark and remained static and waited till it dawned..”
(Alley listened with disappointment)
“Now, the third ship Carpathia which was much far away helped.. the captain realized that the Titanic met with  an accident and was sinking and he showed a great seamanship. Captain Rostron, ordered a course at maximum speed through the dangerous paths. He diverted all the steam for the engines by cutting off the hot water supply and the ship’s heating.. It was said that the ship was sailed with a speed beyond its capacity. Under his captaincy, the crew protected its own people, did their best to sail through the scary icebergs taking every risk, and then helped hundreds of people who were hanging between life and death and brought them safe to the shore..”
” Yet, they could reach only hours later even with their best effort, by which time, more than a thousand died a tragic death due to insufficiency of life boats and other measures to face the crisis. And as they say, more number of higher class passengers were attempted to be saved than the lower classes.. Carpathian brought to the shore, whoever survived. It saved as many as 705 lives.. interestingly, it is said that the Carpathia and the Titanic belonged to rival lines.

Alley interrupted “why mom? why the higher class? isn’t that wrong?”

Mother combed alleys hair bangs with her soft fingers and said slowly.. “Barriers of money, wealth, education, caste, religion, region, creed, color were all created by humans. These were all not natural, not done by the God. He sent us here to look out for each other. Unfortunately not many back then realized this. every life is equally sacred and equally important. And yes honey, that was all wrong. when we learn a story and realize something is wrong, we should remember not to do the same mistake. Never discriminate.. love and respect everyone the same.”
(Alley nodded like she resolved about it)

The mother continued, “Coming to the story, the ship Carpathia and the captain were remembered after that, for good. The purpose of a ship is to sail its people to the shore safe, the purpose of a captain is to safeguard the ship and sail it well. The mystery ship left for unfair reasons, as rumors say that it was smuggling. Titanic hasn’t served its purpose .the static ship served its purpose, it protected its people but failed to help. Now the Carpathia, it has done more than its purpose. The captain increased the dimension of the purpose with responsibility..

The mother looked into Alley’s eyes as she ended her story. Alley, with sparkling eyes which reflected a newly learnt wisdom, said ” I like Carpathia, ma.” and the mother smiled and said “Me too, honey.” and then alley asked “Ma, whats the purpose of my life?” The mother, who was glad that her daughter asked the question, went on..

“You will know my dear, you will know.People who realize that their purpose as educating themselves about saving lives, become doctors. People who realize their purpose as educating people, become teachers. And those who realize their purpose as creating a better and comfortable world, become engineers and scientists. Those who realize their purpose as saving the people and the peace, join the military. People who realize their purpose as changing the world, become writers.. And you will know my darling, you will know what your purpose on the earth is.Yyou will know when you choose and when you do, you should do justice to the purpose you choose. And like the captain of Carpathia, you should increase the dimensions of the purpose with responsibility… now that is larger than fulfilling the purpose of life, that is living a life of purpose.
Every day, in every way you can, you can help people in need, you can save people in the way you can.. You can use your every gift to lead a life of purpose, you can teach the uneducated, you can use your swimming talents to save a life, you can use your money to feed a hungry man, you can use your love to spread it in an orphanage.. Living a life of purpose lies in small as well as big things you do every single day. When you increase the dimension of the purpose of your life with responsibility by doing every small and big thing every day, you will not just settle with justifying the purpose you choose but also will lead a life of purpose… and you will be remembered.

Titanic is remembered and so is Carpathia. But like which of the both do you want to be remembered?

Alley smiled “Carpathia mommy”

The mother hugged the little gal tight.. kissed her forehead and said “Love u baby” with tears welled in her eyes, at the sight of her eight year old daughter who has just grown up so much.. And she left her to sleep after kissing her good night..

As she walked away, the little Alley pulled her diary out and scribbled

“I am the luckiest daughter. Love you mom. I promise you that i ll lead a life of purpose”



-K. C.



in response to daily prompt, PURPOSE

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  1. Aki says:

    This is beautiful!!!! Well written… I didn’t know the story about Carpathia and most of us don’t know…. yes it served its purpose .
    You have justified the word “purpose”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maybeiamsure says:

      thanku aki! congratulations on your first poem btw… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aki says:

        Thank you much :))


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