Abyss of my soul…

The evolving colors of the day,

The changing shades of the night’s grey,

Nothing alters your grace,

My feelings grow more intense.

The tides of my heart never stop beating,

The abyss of my soul never ceases screaming,

Every time i see you, i fall all over again,

Every time i fall, i stand up with the sweet pain.

Swallowing all your tear rains,

Reflecting your beauty on my canvas waves,

As the eternity of our love prevails,

I’m here, dreaming our lusty kisses.

They all think we are together,

The sight of us, they all admire,

All they see is a visual illusion,

The unreal and magical horizon.

hang in there, I promise- 

I’ ll try reaching u always,

If always has to last forever,

Trust me, I shall be tired never.

May be we are not meant to meet,

But, i promise, we shall never part.

Look at me, at the sight of u, jumping high.

I am your sea, forever will be, darling sky…


-K. C.



in response to the daily prompt, SKY

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  1. uma197 says:

    beautiful take on it

    Liked by 1 person

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